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Inspired by SiriusXM Radio: Radio Andy’s John Hill’s Character “Helvitica” (Spelling was inspired by the genius Aussie accent John used when he introduced “herself” in character!) I designed a shirt because he made me laugh every time he read the news. This was GREATLY appreciated after the loss of our 2nd dog in 7 months. With the earned proceeds, Shirley and I became members of the ASPCA Founder’s Society which provides aid for homeless, neglected & abused animals all over the U.S. It was such a wonderful way to give back as well as celebrate the wonderful life of my beloved, sweet Shirley, who gave me so much in her short life. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity in working with John Hill and his listeners in teaming with me to memorialize Shirley and build momentum to be able to give back the way we did! I was a proud Papa! A testament to the POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA!

For Pelican Parts, I curated and designed for Social Media channel designing custom ads. lead images and posts promoting sales and special events. Consulted and designed for a Social Media Campaign for RSD/CRPS Awareness:

At Total Corporate Solutions, I was a one-man Marketing+Art Department! My tools: A stack photos of models from a spring photo shoot. and a stack of phone-accessory product shots (Client: LAUT). It pushed me to wear many hats to produce, copy write, design, schedule out and update CUSTOM marketing campaigns onto client web sites and across Social Media platforms, both images that I had to design from scratch and posts I had to write including hash tags for: INSTAGRAM; FACEBOOK; SNAPCHAT; GOOGLE+ & client BLOG posts. For Blog Posts, all I was give was an article title. ALL Concepts & Design were original. Additionally, the top 3 templates are custom SNAPCHAT filters made for a SPECIAL EVENT DAY while I was at PRODEGE/SWAGBUCKS.

At Total Corporate Solutions I also designed blog feature images, working with the SEO manager and writers to maximize visibility and page views: