online design

Online Design consists of Social media ad creative, client advertising, marketing, UI for Swagbucks monthly marketing and for Facebook Live events. At Total Corporate Solutions I autonomously managed and designed original art and wrote copy for a scheduled, 3-day a week, six month Social Media Campaign to sell LAUT phone accessories.

My work with Eye Mechanix (Chicago) continues into 2020. Branding, Ads, Social Media, Collateral ((business cards, in-store decor), etc. I have been involved from the beginning, helping to launch the brick and mortar optometrist office with the my brand new logo which graces the front of the storefront! Since then, Eye Mechanix now has 2 locations in Chicagoland!


As Marketing Designer for Pelican Parts, I design all online ads for e-commerce, social media and email marketing campaigns:

As the Visual Designer for Prodege, LLC, I designed Marketing Promotions for, External Client ads, User Interface (UI) Marketing Promos, and a multitude of collateral for all divisions of the company, including: