Paw Prints

PawPrints LA Logo 2020

Paw Prints is the creative confluence of two of my life passions: Dogs & Art. From your favorite pet’s pics, I’ll create CUSTOM ART print! Request a background style: acrylic portrait; collages, POP-art, or whatever you have in mind. Below are many commissioned pieces that were are customized to honor their pet. Email for details.


The genesis of my PawPrint Art  came from my sweet and hilarious beagle mixes: Roxy Roker & Shirley Nubbins. They brought me joy and made me laugh for over 14 years. Sadly, both a passed after within 7 months of each other between June 2017 and Feb 2018. I was so lucky to have them as my muses for as long as I did!

Dreams become reality, well, Artistic Reality, when my God Daughter Darby had a dream of riding a “Unicorn Roxy in Space!” I named it “Darby’s Disco Dreamland.” 2 Versions: The Original and Bedazzled (and Framed version for the Gods—she turned 5, y’all!) And I curated a CD of Modern Hits heavily influenced by the disco era. I designed full CD packaging using the art from the original piece. Its a really fun mix. I listen to it all the time















==== ARCHIVED Video of Pups, Christmas, and “When Mary Met Joseph,” Which speaks to my creativity and passion in production and video editing, etc.

Next, are my incredible, maternal grandparents from a college video interview they did for me. In 2014, I came across the raw footage on VHS, and with a nod to “When Harry Met Sally,” edited the interview together for the whole family to enjoy:

For Christmas 2014, my sister-in-law sent a box full of numbered presents. Each gift was to be opened on its corresponding day, counting down the 12 days of Christmas. Day 1 was a photo of our niece at age 8, along with a CD recording of her singing “Santa Baby” from that same year. I added old Super 8 footage from my childhood and edited this together:


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